Analyzing Talent

Personal Talent Analysis

At the beginning, you will receive a link towards the Personal Talent Analysis (PTA). This analysis consists of a questionaire which will reveal your dominant competencies. Dominant competencies are those competencies that provide you energy when you are using them in your daily life. We like to call them Energy Boosters’.

Everyone has an ‘energy balance’ and throughout the (working) day, you complete tasks that either cost you energy or tasks that provide you energy. By reveiling your dominant competencies through the PTA, it becomes possible to focus on your ‘Energy Boosters’ and to understand how these competencies manifest themselves in your personal case.


After the test you will find your complete analysis report in TalentConnect®. With the outcome of the PTA in TalentConnect ® the platform created a personal profile in which you can see your 6 dominant competences. T hese dominant competences are those we call your talent.

This process is being applied to every employee in the organization. Therefore, your colleagues’ talent will be visible as well. For each organization, participants can access each other’s profiles and thus see each other’s talent.

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