Connecting Talent

Now that you’ve discovered your talent, you’re going to get started. You can choose which competency you want to develop and then work on it together with a colleague. All of this within one of our development trajectories. In this process, your colleague will be your TalentCoach. Depending on your choice, the development trajectory will take 4 to 16 weeks. This development trajectory is facilitated by our online application TalentConnect®,which sends practical assignments to your TalentCoach. These practical assignments are the basis of your development trajectory.

You and your TalentCoach will come together several times in order to get started with the practice assignment. This will be depending on your preferences. It can be either once a week or once every two weeks Such a session does not last longer than 20 minutes on average. During these sessions you will experience that you and your colleague will get to know each other much better and perhaps even in a very (unexpected) different way. You will also be made aware of the ways in which the chosen competency is present in your personal case. Current participants find these development trajectories incredibly valuable, mainly because of this awereness and the connection with each other.

Activating participants

While the program is running in your organization, we do everything to get people moving. To make people familiar with this way of working, the very first development process is a directed trajectory. This means that TalentConnect ® Associates within an organization. You can choose which competency you want to develop. The TalentConnect® Application makes the best possible match between participants based on this choice and the outcome of the PTA (Personal Talent Analysis). These buddies then start their first development trajectory together.

In addition, with the upUco platform, a TalentConnector from upUco is present within the organization. The TalentConnector is devoted in getting people moving. He or she interacts with participants, organizes meetings and is the contact person for any possible questions.

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