Activating Talent

With TalentConnect ® Activate the talent that is already present in your organization. The program stimulates you to use the full potential of your organization. We do this by first making you aware of your talent, then helping you to develop it and finally we help you to use talent in a clever way. This We create actively Connection between colleagues. In addition to being extra motivated by using your own talent, there is even more to gain as a whole when all colleagues are able to learn more about each others’ talents and to make use of them.

Link work directly to talent

TalentConnect ® Makes it possible to find the right colleague for a specific task. By creating a ‘case profile’ within the application, you can describe a specific task and match the needed skills to it. Because all the skills of the participants are visible in TalentConnect ® , with one click, you can see which talent(s) best matches the described task.

During the course of the upUco program, upUco’s Talent Connector, who is linked to your organization, will set up several meetings. Each participant within the organization is able to register for these meetings. During such a meeting we will focus on one of the development points and activate the participants to get going with it.

In addition, participants are encouraged to organize their own meetings. Because they become aware of their talent, it is valuable to share this with the rest of the organization. The upUco program encourages you to take this initiative.

Group Development

After participants are familiar with the upUco program and their own development is in the next phase, we shift the program’s focus more towards group development. One of the available possibilities is to start a special trajectory dedicated to group development. upUco does have such trajectories available and in a mutual consultation we can determine which trajectory is best suited to your organization.

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