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Imagine … you know from every single colleague which ‘dominant competency’ gives he or she energy and which he or she likes to do. That you know which talents your colleagues have and that you have the opportunity to use these talents adequately and effectively. Imagine that colleagues are always there for you.

You know how to smartly deal with your own energy and know your colleagues so well that you understand how to activate and deploy their talent in order to achieve team and organizational goals. Together you develop initiatives to tackle problems smarter, you share new ideas and you actively contribute to a better collaboration in your organization… Imagine all of that!

Is TalentConnect® unique?

Yes! TalentConnect® Connects and activates the talent of the participants. Whether these are specific groups or all the employees of any organization. Accessible, no-nonsense and practical in use.

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There are hundreds of methodologies and analyses such as Disc, Insight, MBTI, TMA, Belbin, colour methodology and so on. Organizations use these to establish employees’ competencies, talents, forces and roles. TalentConnect connects and facilitates the employees to effectively activate and use the established competences, talents, powers and roles to learn, develop, work and excel together.

'Everyone is talented' is the starting point of the platform upUco – TalentConnect. You can directly see from all your colleagues where their power and energy lies and you can easily and effectively approach these colleagues through the online application TalentConnect to learn or develop together. Working together is learning and collaborating together.

How does TalentConnect® work in general?

First, each participant makes a Personal Talent Analysis (PTA). This means that each participant is given insights and confirmation regarding his or her ‘energy dominant competences’, thus their talent. It is unique that each participant can easily find his/her Personal Talent Analysis in his/her personal profile in the online application TalentConnect.

It is also unique that each participant can see the six (6) ‘energy dominant competences’ of all the other participants. Completely unique is that all participants can activate the ‘energy dominant competences’ of other participants (colleagues, irrespective of rank or position) by inviting them to learn, help or coach them together.

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Because of TalentConnect we came together to have a look on eachother's department. The goal? We can learn a lot more from eachother within and in between different departments. We will share this knowledge in an event we organize together. With TalentConnect by UpUco, knowledge that is already present within the organizations is easily shared!

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