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We activate colleagues to work with their talent. The unique upUco program connects colleagues and gives them direct control over their development.

"The coaching by my colleague contributes to the
Creating a familiar and constructive feeling. "

-Participant, Municipality of Rotterdam

We like to show what we can do for your organisation


Start getting more success by discovering talent within your organization. See where the odds lie and learn what potential you already have in your home to achieve your goals.


Develop the talents within your organization with the upUco methodology proven in practice. With a self-directed coaching program, talents are stimulated and developed. Cooperation on the work floor is improved and creates mutual insights.


With the upUco tools you have several handles to really deploy talent in your organization. Analyze the capabilities of your team and directly connect a task to the available talent. With the upUco program, we put people in their strength and achieve organizational goals in the most efficient way.

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